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Ovulation Test Instructions


One Step LH Urine Ovulation Test is fast and easy-to-use. It is a qualitative test that predicts LH (Luteinizing Hormone) surge, and in turn, when you are likely to ovulate and possibly conceive. Females who are trying to become pregnant may use this information to improve their chances of conception.

Luteinizing Hormone is a hormone released by the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain. The hormone stimulates the ovaries to produce and release eggs each month during the menstrual cycle. The level of LH in the blood and urine is highest before ovulation. This increase in hormone level is sometimes called a "surge". If fertility drugs are given to stimulate ovulation, an LH ovulation test can help determine the best time for sexual intercourse. The LH ovulation predictor kit may also be used to determine when eggs are mature enough to be surgically removed from the ovary as part of the in vitro fertilization process.

LH ovulation tests may also aid in the diagnoses of polycystic ovary disease, premature ovarian failure, and menopause. The ovulation tests detect LH in urine in a qualitative format with sensitivity of 25mIU/mL (International Standard Value) and specificity is 99.8%. Tests have an expiry date of 2 years and can be stored in a dry environment ranging from 2 to 30 degrees Celsius. Results are available in just minutes.


The ovulation predictor kits are available in 3 different formats:


The ovulation predictor kits are specialized formats optimized for applications such as  professional or home ovulation testing. For more information about each format please visit OVULATION TEST OVERVIEW page.


First, you must determine the length of your menstrual cycle. This is the number of days from the first day of your menstrual bleeding to the day before your next bleeding begins again. Please refer to the chart below to determine when you should start testing for LH surge. If your cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 38 days, consult your doctor. If you do not know your cycle length, you may begin the test 11 days after your first period since the average cycle length is 28 days. Perform 1 test each day over a 5 day period or until the LH surge has been detected.

Your Cycle Length Start To Test On 
21 days Day 6
22 days Day 6
23 days Day 7
24 days Day 7
25 days Day 8
26 days Day 9
27 days Day 10
28 days Day 11
29 days Day 12
30 days Day 13
31 days Day 14
32 days Day 15
33 days Day 16
34 days Day 17
35 days Day 18
36 days Day 19
37 days Day 20
38 days Day 21



1. Do not use first morning urine samples as LH is synthesized in your body early in the morning. It will not show up in your urine until later in the day.
2. The best time to collect your urine is between 10am - 8pm.
3. Collect urine at about the same time each day.
4. Reduce liquid intake about 2 hours before collecting your urine as a diluted urine sample can prevent the test from detecting LH surge. Please refer to the table for information on when to start using ovulation tests.


Bring the test pouch to room temperature (18-30C). Collect urine into a clean container (such as plastic cup). The best way to collect sample is by placing a cup in the middle of urination process. To begin testing, open the sealed pouch by tearing along the notch. Remove the test from the pouch when you are ready to use it.


OVULATION TEST STRIP - Immerse the ovulation test strip into the urine with the arrow end pointing towards the urine. Do not immerse past the MAX (maximum) line. Take the strip out after 5 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface (e.g., mouth of the urine container). Do not immerse for longer than 7 seconds.

OVULATION TEST CASSETTE - Draw the urine sample into the sterilized pipette (provided in pouch), and dispense 0.2ml (about 4 drops) into the round dropping well of the cassette.

OVULATION TEST MIDSTREAM - Hold the round end of the cap cover with one hand. Use the other hand to pull out the ovulation test midstream to expose the absorbent intake window. Point the absorbent tip downward and place the absorbent tip in urine stream for at least 10 seconds to be thoroughly wetted. Otherwise, you can collect your urine into a clean cup and dip half of the absorbent pad into the urine for at least 10 seconds. Re-cap the ovulation test midstream and place it on the clean, flat surface.


Wait for colored bands to appear. Depending on the concentration of LH in the test specimen, positive results may be observed in as short as 40 seconds. However, to confirm negative results, the complete reaction time (10 minutes) is required. Do not read the results after 30 minutes as this type of test is designed for rapid determination only. The ovulation test results may fade overtime.


Negative Ovulation Test - No LH Surge:
Only one color band appears on the control region or the test band is present but lighter in color intensity than the control band. There is no LH surge even if two lines present - as long as test line is fainter than the control line the result is negative.

Positive Ovulation Test - LH Surge:
If two color bands are visible and the test band is nearly equal to or darker than the control band, the ovulation will likely occur within 24-48 hours. To increase likelihood of pregnancy, the best time for egg fertilization is between 24 hours and 48 hours.

Invalid Ovulation Test - Uncertain Results:
No visible bands in the control and test regions. Make sure to follow the above specified instructions for optimum results.

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